Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Another bit of trivia!

Here's my second post about trivia in Pulp Fiction. Remember the part in the "wax museum with pulse" diner where Vincent takes his boss's wife Mia for a dinner and good time?

Remember what Mia ordered? a 5$ shake. And there was a looong discussion after that about it.

Notice that the waiter asks her if she wants it "Martin and Lewis or Amos and Andy?" He is referring to two comedy duos - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, two white men; Amos and Andy, two black men. Basically, he is asking her if she wants a vanilla shake or a chocolate shake. She has vanilla.

And here's the scene!



  1. wow nice find, i missed on that analogy when I watched the movie, but I'm sure there is plenty of that in any Tarantino work.

  2. Great movie, would have never guessed.

  3. I've heard of those people but I never would've guessed that's what it meant in the movie.

  4. omg thats so racist and hilarious at the same time. loved that movie, and that reference has always escaped me.